About Us

We take pleasure in introducing people from all over the world to the wonders of the Icelandic horse and the beautiful area of Westfjords. We offer short riding tours every day especially suitable for those who have never been on horseback. Our tours are designed for beginners and inexperienced, but advanced riders are welcome also. The most important part of our staff are our horses and their welfare is our priority. They are provided with the best personal and professional care possible. They are not only the key figures of our company, they are our friends and family.

In Icelandic, the word “foss” means “waterfall” and the word “hestar” means “horses”. Therefore, FOSSHESTAR translates directly into “Waterfall Horses”. We chose this name for our company because of our location in Engidalur Valley, close to the river Fossá (meaning Waterfall River) and the lake Fossavatn (meaning Waterfall Lake). In the olden days, the people of Isafjordur would refer to the bottom of the valley as “Fossar” or “the Waterfalls”.
Isafjordur is the largest municipality in Westfjords with a population of roughly 3.000 people. It is located in Skutulsfjordur, the shortest and westernmost fjord of a much larger fjord called Isafjardardjup (meaning Ice Fjord Deep). Since their settlement, the people of Westfjords have lived off the fish in the rich oceans around Westfjords. The area is very mountainous and grasslands are scarce. For two months during wintertime it is not possible to see the sun rising in Westfjords, due to the high mountains and northern location. Then again, it does never get dark outside during the summer months. The town of Isafjordur is charming...
The Icelandic horse is a unique breed. They are small compared to most other breeds but at the same time they are much stronger and sturdier than most. They are often considered the purest horse breed in the world, due to their isolation since Norse settlement more than 1000 years ago. They have adapted to the often harsh conditons in Iceland, with their characteristically strong minds and steady feet, made for treading mountains, lava fields and uneven grasslands. Horse riding has been an enormous part of the history of our country and it still is, albeit in the form of pleasure nowadays rather than for practical reasons.